50-word Winners 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center’s 50-Word Short Story Contest! We had over 40 entries and enjoyed reading every one of them.

First place:

Amanda Stellberg is a junior majoring in digital media and writing-intensive English.

After eight years together, I cheated on Shelly.  I took a breath and walked in. There were women everywhere. One directed me to Michelle. She sat me down in a black leather chair and started playing with my hair. I tensed up. She said she could correct my box-dyed color.

Second place:  

Jared Golub is a graduate student majoring in communications.

She fell to her knees and placed a white daffodil on the stone. She moved her wizened fingertips over the engraving one last time. “Robert Schumann00417. Beloved Husband. 2030-2034.” One of the protesters managed to yell above the cacophony, “It was Adam and Eve, not Android and Eve!”

Third place (Having so many great submissions to the contest, a tie for third place was essential!)

Associate Professor of English, Steve Hartman Keiser took one of the third place prizes.

“You complete me,” she said. “Like a dictionary.” But she was unabridged and dangerous.  New words whispered in; she listened and left. Now I slump open and heavy, like the Webster’s on my lap, damp and red. And I look for her as the stain spreads over “darksome” into “dawn”.

Katie Blank is a Electronic Records Manager, Raynor Memorial Library’s Special Collections and University Archives.

Derek:  On August 22nd I don’t think about how the Black Hawk went down in the desert near Multaka.  Instead I see you running through the trails in the Kettle Moraine, crunching the fallen leaves, racing toward the finish line to your Savior waiting to embrace you with open arms. 

The Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center staff would like to thank everyone for their submissions to the contest.