Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call (414) 288-5542 or sign up online for our scheduling service ( We also welcome walk-in appointments in all our locations on a first-come, first-served basis.

What We Do

We offer free 30- and 60-minute appointments during which a writer (or a composer of any sort) works one-on-one with a tutor to brainstorm, outline, organize, analyze, or revise his or her work. We are just as happy to brainstorm ideas and help with other preliminary work as we are to help revise a rough draft or fine-tune a final draft. Although we will assist writers with proper grammatical usage, we cannot copyedit papers; we aim to engage writers in conversations and practice that will help them learn from our assistance and apply that knowledge to their own patterns of error.

These appointments take place in one of our quiet conference rooms in Raynor 240 or online.

Our Scheduling Policies

  • In order to meet the demand for appointments, we limit writers to 120 minutes of one-on-one appointments per week. (We happily make exceptions for walk-ins or during a slow week: we won't turn writers away if a tutor is available.)
  • In order to be fair to all the writers who wish to schedule appointments or take advantage of walk-ins, we have policies for late and missed appointments. If you arrive 5 minutes late to a 30-minute appointment or 10 minutes late to a 60-minute appointment, we will cancel that appointment so that we can better accommodate walk-ins. (If you know you are running late, please call us.) This type of cancellation is a “no-show.” If you accumulate two no-shows during a single semester, you will not be able to schedule appointments for the remainder of the semester—although you may continue to use walk-in appointments in the McCormick satellite and our main Raynor location.

What We Work On