SPeaking and Writing for English Language Learners (SWELL)


We're eager to support multilingual writers who want to practice and to increase confidence in their spoken English, so in Spring 2016 the Ott launched our "Conversation Partners" program and in the Fall of 2019 we rebranded the program to SWELL!


What happens during a SWELL appointment?

  • The English language learner (ELL) and the tutor talk--perhaps about questions that you have or topics that you are interested in, or by using some of our handouts to prompt discussion. The appointment isn't focused on writing, just talking.
  • You can come by yourself, or schedule a small group appointment with one or two other English language learners and the tutor. As with writing conferences, you can schedule a 30- or 60-minute appointment.

How can I schedule a conversation partner appointment?

  • You can schedule a Conversation Partner appointment at any time on our schedule.
  • If you'd like to schedule in person or over the phone (414-288-5542), one of our receptionists can help you.
  • If you'd like to schedule online, go to our WCOnline scheduling system and, when you are scheduling the type of project, choose "Conversation Partner" from our drop down menu:

image of conversation partner dropdown menu

We look forward to talking with you!