50 Word Short Story Contest Winners - 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center’s 50-Word Short Story Contest!

First place winner 

Jenna Azab is an instructor in Marquette's First-Year Writing program.

           The Internet: Billions of fiber optics unfathomably intertwined designed with intent to connect. Keyboard clicking and empty search bar links windows to Taipei’s temples, recipes for artisan Parisian baguette, maps to hike Machu Picchu, and lessons for speaking Mandarin Chinese. Infinite interconnected possibility and I, awaiting your reply, can only hit ‘refresh.’

Second place winner 

Lauren Santor is a junior majoring in Secondary Education & English.

            No, it wasn’t happening. I NEVER thought I could sink so low. I was a good person and I ALWAYS followed the rules. Now look at me, going against everything I have ever believed in. Even if it was on accident. How could I pour the milk before the cereal?

Third place winner

Thomas Southall is a senior Writing Intensive English/Spanish Language major.

         The world spun as the car passed under the streetlights. We were in the back. She sat next to me frowning, nose crinkled at the smell of the vodka. I loved her but I noticed how she avoided my eyes when we danced later that night: her thoughts drifting elsewhere.

The Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center staff would like to thank everyone for their submissions to the contest.