Launch: Academic Credit Approval Process

Step 1: Apply for internship jobs

Step 2: Apply to have your internship approved

  • Once you have identified an internship opportunity, complete the online application to the Launch Internship Program to have the internship approved towards earning academic credit. 
  • Credit-bearing internships must be approved by the Launch Internship Program Director prior to the start of the internship. It is important that students discuss whether the internships they are considering to apply for or accept are eligible for biology and environmental studies credit with the Launch Internship Program Director. Internships will NOT be considered for credit retroactively.

Step 3: Complete your Internship and the Courses

For more information about the Launch Internship Program, contact:

Application Questions:

Program Questions:

Kirsten Boeh
Launch Program Assistant

Wehr Life Sciences, 109

Dr. Rosemary Stuart
Launch Internship Director

Wehr Life Sciences, 309