Students are encouraged to independently find and arrange their internships and summer research program opportunities. Below are some resources and websites that you may find useful to start your search process. Please note many of these sites could also be useful to find post-graduation employment opportunities too!

  • To learn more about some general and valuable resources for finding an internship opportunity, please click here.
  • To learn more about the wide array of undergraduate summer research programs available throughout the USA and beyond, please click here.
  • To learn more about some recently advertised internship and summer research program opportunities that are still accepting applications for this coming summer, please click here.

Note the information posted here is taken from the BIOLCareers Newsletter email, a career-related newsletter sent to all students majoring in a biological or environmental sciences periodically throughout the academic semesters. Please note these recently advertised opportunities will be posted here only until their application deadline dates, after which they will be removed.

The Department of Biological Sciences and the Internship Director are available to assist you in your search process.

For more information about the Launch Program and the requirements to earn academic credit for your internship, contact:

Dr. Rosemary Stuart
Launch Internship Director

Wehr Life Sciences, 309