The MU4Gold Scholars Program received an extension of funding from the Provost’s Office, the Office of the Vice President of Research & Innovation and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Originally piloted through a presidential Strategic Innovation Fund award, the competitive MU4Gold Scholars Program offers intellectually curious, highly motivated students the chance to engage in the process of research and discovery with Marquette faculty as soon as they arrive on campus. 

Dr. Rosemary A Stuart co-directs the MU4Gold Scholars Program together with Dr. Amelia Zurcher, Director of the University Honors Program and Associate Professor of English.

Embedded in the University Honors Program, MU4Gold introduces undergraduate students to Marquette’s vibrant research community, mentors them in the practices of independent research, and helps them secure faculty mentors for funded research starting in their first year. The program also builds student cohorts across disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences, fosters multi-faceted, interdisciplinary perspectives on contemporary problems and challenges.

The extension funding award has enabled a fourth cohort of the MU4Gold Scholars Program to be recruited and they start in Fall 2021. The current cohorts of MU4Gold Scholars include students engaged in research in our department - Abbey Kuborn (senior) and Will Wightkin (sophomore) in the lab of Dr. Anita Manogaran and Gabby Charbonneau (senior) in the lab of Dr. Tony Gamble.