Recently Advertised Internship and Summer Research Program Opportunities

Below are some recently advertised internship and summer research program opportunities that have been previously shared via the BIOL Careers newsletter emailed. This newsletter is to all declared BIOL/INES majors every 2-4 weeks. Please note these opportunities will be posted here only until their application deadlines, after which they will be removed.

Recently advertised summer internships still accepting applications:

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Aquarium Internship - Discovery World

Join Discovery World's Aquarium Team for a semester long internship in fall, spring, or summer! Interns assist staff in daily care of exhibits including water testing, husbandry, and equipment maintenance. 

Application deadlines vary. See the application for further details. 

Student Intern - Versiti

Versiti is a world-renowned Blood Research Institute. They offer a variety of student internship positions including Environmental Health & Safety, Diagnostic Labs Hematology Genetics, and Donor Testing. 

Applications can be found online. Deadlines may vary. 

Animal Care Internship - Ocean Connections

Animal Care Interns learn the principles of animal and environmental care through animal diets and training, facility care, medical programs, and public education. Internships are available for fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

Application deadlines vary. See the application for further details.

Riveredge Nature Center Internships

Riveredge Nature Center is a pioneer in the areas of land restoration, research, and inquiry-based education throughout Wisconsin. Riveredge is currently seeking applications for a number of internship positions for this summer including, Environmental Education Summer Camp Interns, Sturgeon Streamside Rearing Facility Intern, and Organic Garden and Permaculture Education Interns. 

Application deadlines vary. See the website for further details.