Letter of Recommendation Service

Welcome to the College of Health Sciences Letter of Recommendation Service!

At the College of Health Sciences Center for Pre-Health Advising, we are committed to helping you put together the best possible application for your health professions program of choice. This includes helping you prepare a packet for your letter writers that gives them the best possible snapshot of you as an applicant, as well collecting letters from the recommenders and mailing or uploading them for students.

Please note, you are not required to use this service. Medical and dental schools strongly prefer that you do, as do your letter writers, but it is not a requirement. If you would like to take advantage of this service, you MUST meet with Laurie Goll, CHS Pre-Health Professions Advisor, in the Spring of the year you want to apply/use the service.

Currently, AMCAS, AADSAS and AACOMAS are the only application systems that allow us to send letters on behalf of the students. All other application services (CASPA, PTCAS, OPTOMCAS, PHARMCAS, etc.) have their own system where the recommenders are sent an email prompt once a student enters the recommender's information.

Please check into your profession’s application service first, and if you have questions after that, feel free to email:

Laurie Goll

Laurie Goll
Pre-health Professions Adviser and LOR Service Director
College of Health Sciences
Schedule an appointment online or (414) 288-5053

Pre-medical and Pre-dental Students

Other Pre-health Professional Students or students who choose not to use the CHS Letter Service (PA, PT, PharmD, nursing, etc.)