Virtual M.A.P. Justice Journey

Welcome to an opportunity to walk with justice and its variety of themes, especially those related to our M.A.P. program. This journey is about you, making the choice to fit “Justice” into your crazy, busy schedule, when you can, and how you choose.


That’s it! You can choose more time during weeks that are less busy and vice versa. The resources are plentiful and you get to navigate what you want. We only ask you give every justice theme a try.

  • Monday Night, 8 pm there will be a virtual highlighted moment introducing the Justice Theme of the Week. Join us on Instagram for a live reflection!
  • Daily there will be an Instagram post that has a listening/teaching/prayer/action element to it. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with daily and important postings!
  • You get a Justice Journey partner to keep yourself accountable and to reflect with on the journey. You can either choose and bring into the program a partner or you can join the pool and partners can occur randomly.
  • The Justice Journey comes to you in a weekly "magazine" which you can reach via Instagram or our Campus Ministry website. Each magazine has four sections: Listening, Learning, Prayer/Reflection and Action.
  • How this works…you navigate a minimum of 15 minutes of your time and attention on this weekly Justice Journey by reading the magazine and linking into the options given to you. We invite you to join the Journey with a friend (let us know who you pick, both need to sign up) so that you have someone to meet with, while engaging in the Justice Journey.
  • More live opportunities and large group zoom meetings may occur throughout the semester!
  • We will invite you to a few optional, longer justice events in the spring semester to further your engagement and possibly help you connect with the community of those on the Justice Journey.
  • There will be games, prizes, and other cool things along the way, too!

You can join late. If you join after February 1, it would be best that you bring a partner with you so that you have someone to journey with.