Local Intercampus Mobile Operation (LIMO) Services

The Department of Campus Safety offers mobile operations to keep members of the Marquette community safe at night. We have 13 vans, which hold up to 13 passengers each, in our fleet. All student drivers undergo an intense training process to ensure passenger safety. We strive to provide speedy service, but our priority is your safety. Therefore, Local Intercampus Mobile Operations (LIMO) do not simply drop off passengers. They wait until the passenger has arrived safely in their home, car or building.

LIMO facts

Record numbers: Last year, LIMOs transported nearly 300,000 students — not too bad for an entirely student-run operation!

Some history: The first program of its kind in the country, LIMOs have transported close to 6.6 million members of the Marquette community during the past 24 years!

You can't miss us: These large blue vans are clearly marked and have flashing strobes to make them more visible.

Required stops: LIMOs are required to stop at all residence halls, Parking Structure 1, Olin Engineering, and the Raynor Memorial Libraries each time they pass them. If you need a LIMO from one of these high-traffic areas, don't worry about calling. One will be there shortly.

LIMO requests

When: LIMOs run 365 days a year from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. (5 p.m. to 4 a.m. on academic weekends). All riders must present valid Marquette identification.

Where: LIMOs operate within these boundaries.

How: You can request a LIMO the following ways:

  • Call (414) 288-6363.
  • Stop a LIMO on the street.
  • Pick up a Blue Light Phone.
  • Wait at a LIMO stop.

The Department of Campus Safety (DCS) will provide transport to and from the Amtrak and Greyhound terminals for Marquette University affiliated person(s) during the fall and spring semesters. These transports will be every Friday (except holidays and break periods) from 10am to 5pm every hour on the hour. People needing this service should meet in the elevator lobby of Structure 1 located at 749 N. 16th Street and knock on the door of room 151 to request a transport. After 5pm transports will be done by the regular LIMO service. Transports outside of the listed times and semesters will also be provided to Marquette University affiliated person(s) who, upon request, provide an Amtrak or Greyhound ticket showing the proper date.