Awesome, overwhelming, thought provoking, tiring, fun, wonderful,
full of personal mistakes (like losing things and missing out on several events),
crazy, frustrating, exciting Ö

- John

Magis was an experience different from any other trip I've been on before. Even though there were language barriers, I felt incredibly close to our experience group by the end of the week on el Camino de Santiago. Together, we were able to overcome physical exhaustion by strumming on a guitar and sharing songs in multiple languages, creating humorous memories while attempting to speak in new languages, and finding comfort in hearing testimonies of faith from our new international and college friends. It was a blessing to create such fond memories with an amazing group of people.

- Patricia

It was such a gift to lead a fantastic group of Marquette students to Magis and World Youth Day. As a Jesuit, it was tremendous to visit Loyola, the birthplace of St. Ignatius, and to see students from all over the world who were inspired by the Ignatian vision. I especially enjoyed living, eating, praying, and working with a group of 25 students from Marquette, Spain, and Mauritius for a week and seeing how these students from very different parts of the world became such good friends.

- Michael, S.J.


Honestly, I believe that as humans we all have something in us that makes us want more. I believe that we all have something in us that wants us to be the best version of ourselves, that challenges us to be our fullest self, that pushes us to grow towards something greater. Thatís just it: that there is something beyond us which gives us meaning to life. Because things as humans are not so simple and there is not one algebraic truth that can answer all questions... because there is no one word that can put us at peace- we search for something greater. That was the reality of this WYD Mass. We were all there for God. A community of believers that try to make sense of this world because we know that God is digging at our hearts.

- Sarah

... at the end of every long and hard day, there was great joy in our group. We were grateful to rest together, to talk about our sufferings, but now to do it with a laugh as friends in the Lord. We had gone through something difficult together and we supported each other and together we overcame the difficulties! In a sense, this is a perfect model for the life of the whole Church. We come from every corner of the globe. We share nothing and everything in common and we grow closer to one another when we undertake the journey together. Of course, this solidarity exists among us infinitely more powerfully because God himself has joined us in our pilgrimage in the person of Jesus. he has joined every bit of our struggles and when we realize he is with us, we too can come together at the end of the day to remember both the joys and the difficulties together, but now we do it as friends who have conquered difficulty together and can now laugh at it - rejoice in it, even.

- Fr. Chris, S.J.

This trip changed my life. The memories I made with new friends, with myself,
and with God will stay with me forever.

- Rachel


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