Voluntary Simplicity


Do you wonder if it is possible to want less and spend less and be happier and more fulfilled in the process? Would you want to live life more purposefully and less stressed? Each year Campus Ministry offers 6-week discussion group using the book, A Discussion Course in Voluntary Simplicity, to explore these questions and more. This 5 session self-guided course is published by the Northwest Earth Institute.

Topics Covered Include:

  1. The Meaning of Simplicity: The concept of simplicity, as a religious practice or philosophy of life, has a long history. How is simplicity connected to personal happiness and well-being?
  2. Living More with Less: Accumulating material possessions is part of the American Dream. For some, the dream has become a nightmare. When do material possessions and technological advances add meaning to our lives and when do they detract?
  3. Making a Living: A growing number of people wish to resolve the conflict between the desire to make and spend money and the desire for a simple life. Why is that so difficult in our culture?
  4. Do You Have the Time?: In modern society, our minds are focused on the "busyness" of the day, our current problems, and our future challenges. Are there alternatives to the fast pace and technology overload of the dominant culture?
  5. Living Simply and Sustainably: As a society, we engage in patterns of material consumption that are damaging the environment. How much do we really need? And how are simplicity and sustainability connected?

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