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Description: After traveling to Cape Town, South Africa for several days, the group arrives to Kimberely House or “K-House” as labeled by the students who live there for Study Abroad. This Marquette University owned property is their home for the next 2 weeks. Each day, the group will visit the many service learning sites that make up the South Africa Study Abroad program.
     Many of these relationships have been there since the beginning of Marquette’s partnership with The University of the Western Cape ten years ago. IMAP:South Africa is an immersion program so its goal is to learn, observe, engage with the people of South Africa and the many issues facing its population. Some of the emergent themes include the history of apartheid in South Africa, engaging in the “shanty townships” and the many ways in which they are serving the poor, and finally learning and living within the vibrant culture of the Observatory neighborhood in Cape Town.
     There may be moments of service and there may be moments of lecture, discussion and tourism to help us understand and engage in Cape Town. As the itinerary is developed, more will be shared with the group in preparation for all that we shall encountered.

Conduct Policy: Due to the distance and possible challenges found anytime Marquette students venture off campus, Campus Ministry asks that all participants verify that they are not currently nor will be when the trip occurs, on disciplinary probation with the University. Two conduct checks will occur on any students wishing to participate, one before final decisions are made for the trip and the second before leaving for the trip.

Complete 2016-2017 I.M.A.P. - South Africa Timeline

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