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Spring 2015 Liturgical Choir Council

Choir Council

Adam Hurrle: President
Class: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering with Math and Theology Minors

“Im incredibly proud to be able to serve as president of this wonderful community. Year after year, Liturgical Choir makes beautiful choral music in an attempt to praise God with our talents. Our commitment to our own community and the Marquette community shows through our dedication to our ministry. The friends you make here will last a lifetime.”

Amanda Graff: Vice-President
Class: Senior
Major: History with Medieval Studies Minor

“Liturgical Choir is not only a place where talented musicians come together and minister to the Marquette community, it is a family. This is a family like any other in that it prays together, it rejoices and sorrows with each other, and it allows for growth through the years spiritually and emotionally with unconditional grace. Liturgical Choir is fortunate enough to on top of this be dedicated to music and in that it has the ability to sing beautifully while also reaching out to the congregation. I am so proud to have these people as my family and as my choir.”

Claire Nowak: Secretary
Class: Junior
Major: Journalism and Writing-Intensive English

“When I joined Lit Choir as a freshman, I merely expected an outlet for my love of music; instead, I found a family of dedicated, spiritually energized singers who would become my best friends. Being able to praise God through beautiful music with people who are equally passionate about our ministry is an unparalleled experience that will stay with me long after graduation.”

Lexi Dossey: Treasurer
Class: Senior
Major: Human Resources and Marketing with Spanish Minor

“Lit Choir means family. They've always been there and I know they always will be in the future. When I think of why I love Marquette, Lit Choir immediately comes to mind. Every year I look forward to the silliness of seeing my best friends again and meeting new best friends. Music ministry is so special to me. Singing in the beautiful Gesu has been such a blessing week after week throughout these last three years. Having the opportunity to share that music ministry with my Marquette community and my best friends in choir has been the ultimate blessing.”

Mary Sizemore: Retreat Chair
Class: First Year
Major: Civil Engineering with a French Minor

I joined Liturgical Choir thinking it would be a cool way to sing and praise Jesus, but what I did not expect to find was an amazing family. These people are not only fun-loving but also deeply rooted in their faith and I consider all of them to be role models. It is such a blessing to get to share my talents and passions with such incredible musicians and human beings. Liturgical Choir and the community that comes with it have made my Marquette experience absolutely amazing and I would not trade it for the world.

Jakob Horner: Banquet/Social Chair
Class: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering

“Lit Choir is a great group to help lead our masses in liturgical music. It is such a great group of people to sing with and get to know. The faith-filled love that Lit Choir shows is a great blessing to our community.”

Jenny Vondrashek: Service Chair
Class: Senior
Major: Nursing with Social Welfare and Justice Minor

“Being in Liturgical Choir has been a huge blessing during my time at Marquette. When we are in Lit Choir, it's not just about praising God with the gifts that He has given all of us (as if that wasn't enough!) You become a family with the other members (dare I say weirdos), too. It was well worth the four years.”

Maggie Leonardi: Historian/Publicity
Class: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Science

“I love being a member of the Liturgical Choir at Marquette University! I never had the opportunity to sing at mass when I was in high school, so being able to do this in my college years has really meant a lot to me. It's such a great feeling knowing that, through music, I am able to help other students have a deeper prayer experience at mass.”

Ralph Joseph: Music Librarian
Class: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Engineering with Mathematics Minor

"Liturgical Choir is a place where I can not only express myself through choral music, but a place where I can feel at home. This community has helped make the transition to college much easier and has helped me grow spiritually and musically. This group I can consider to be my best friends and am so blessed to be a part of this community. I am sure that the friendships I have in this choir will continue into the life after college."


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