Foundation Tier

Foundations courses help students build a combined intellectual and practical base for subsequent learning both within the Core and throughout their undergraduate studies at Marquette. Foundations courses invite students to consider, from multiple angles, the wholeness and diversity of knowledge and its relevance to making change in the world. More specifically, they aim to engage students in contemplating, analyzing, and communicating with others about concrete situations in multidisciplinary ways, drawing in particular on theology, philosophy and rhetoric. It is essential to help students to engage globally with people who are fundamentally different from themselves. As such, the Foundations tier includes an Engaging Social Systems and Values requirement. The goal of this Core requirement is to prepare students to encounter different social systems and engage with other systems of value. This requirement allows students to experience difference and lead them to work for greater equality and inclusivity. An important element of this part of the Core involves students reflecting upon and developing their capacity for engagement with others. The list of required courses is as follows:

For a list of ESSV1 courses, please visit Marquette University Undergraduate Bulletin