The MCC Needs You!

The Marquette Core Curriculum Committee is once again soliciting proposals for courses in the Discovery Tier, for the second level (upper division) Engaging Social Systems and Values, and for the Writing Intensive Requirement. Faculty are encouraged to propose courses, especially ESSVII and WRIT courses.

Courses proposed this year will be part of the core for the 2020-2021 academic year, which will be the first year in which most of the first cohort of students taking the new Core will be actively taking Discovery Tier, ESSVII, and WRIT courses. Courses are needed in virtually all of the categories and themes.

You can see the current offerings in each of these categories here:  Click here for proposal forms and instructions: Discovery Tier, ESSV2, Writing Intensive.

ESSVII and WRIT courses should, if at all possible, also be in a Discovery Tier theme. Courses currently in the Discovery Tier, ESSVII, or WRIT categories can be submitted for other categories through a Course Modification.

The deadline for all proposals is October 15, and proposals will only be accepted through Courseleaf. Faculty should consult their chairs before proposing a course.

Queries should be directed to James Marten, Acting Director of the Core Curriculum, at

James Marten
Professor and Chair, History Department
Acting Director, Marquette Core Curriculum