Core Proposals

Proposals for new or modified Core courses will only be accepted in the fall semester, although individual faculty members and chairs can consult with the Director of the Core Curriculum at any time.  A call for proposals will be made by the Director in August; as per university regulations, the deadline for all proposals (for new courses or course modifications) is October 13. Proposals will only be accepted through Courseleaf. Faculty should collaborate with their chairs in developing the course proposals.

Proposals made through Courseleaf require chairs to upload as part of a single document both a syllabi reflecting the ways in which the course fulfills the purpose of the Discover Tier, ESSV2, or WRIT requirements and one of the following proposal forms: 

ESSV2 and WRIT courses should, if at all possible, also be in a Discovery Tier theme. Courses currently in the Discovery Tier, ESSV2, or WRIT categories can be submitted for other parts of the MCC through a Course Modification.

Queries should be directed to the Director of the Core Curriculum.