About the Marquette Core Curriculum


The Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) is the center of every Marquette University student’s educational experience, providing the personally transformative studies that have been a hallmark of Jesuit education since the sixteenth century. By developing the tools for critical reflection and encouraging the integration of knowledge, the MCC forms students to become responsible moral citizens of the global community who will actively contribute to the realization of a more just society. The MCC pursues this goal through its tiered structure: Foundations classes help students cultivate the skills to identify their values more intentionally and to communicate their commitments more effectively; Discovery classes promote a more meaningful analysis of complex problems through a multidisciplinary approach; and the Culminating course invites students to link these developments with the rest of their Marquette experience in order to be the difference after graduation.

Navigating the MCC

Students should take the long view of their undergraduate careers: The MCC helps to foster the intellectual, moral, and personal growth of all Marquette students and thus should be completed over the entire course of an undergraduate student’s academic career. Students typically complete the MCC requirements in a 4-3-2-1 format: four MCC courses in their first year (preferably two in each semester), three in their second year, two in their third year, and the final course in their fourth year.

Students can explore interests outside their majors: Given the 4-3-2-1 format of the MCC, students are encouraged to use the elective classes they take in their first and second years as part of the MCC requirements to explore majors, minors, certificates, or other areas of personal interest. There are no “wasted” classes and MCC courses can often spark new directions in a student’s academic career. Consequently, electives should not be left to a student’s last few semesters.

Students should select their Discovery Tier Theme with Care: With five different themes, the MCC’s Discovery Tier offers an opportunity for students to pursue further studies across a range of passions. Students should take the time to read the Discovery Tier Theme descriptions and to explore the courses offered within each theme in order to select a theme that matches their interests, and which will contribute to their personal and professional formation. In consultation with their academic advisors, students should declare their Discovery Tier Theme before the end of their sophomore year. For instructions, visit How do I declare or change my Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) Discovery Tier Theme?

The Marquette Core Curriculum applies to all students entering Marquette in Fall 2018 or later. Students who entered before Fall 2018 follow the University Core of Common Studies.



Per the university Transfer Course Credit policy, test and transfer credits that are equivalent to approved MCC courses may be applied to Marquette Core Curriculum requirements, except CORE 1929CORE 4929 and WRIT courses, which must be completed at Marquette.