Structure of the MCC

The Marquette Core Curriculum includes three tiers: Foundations, Discovery and Culminating. 

progression of tiers

Description of the MCC Tiers

Foundations Tier (15 credits)

Drawing from principles of theology, philosophy, and rhetoric, the Foundations Tier aims to engage students in contemplating, analyzing, and communicating with others about concrete situations in multidisciplinary ways. Students will take Foundations courses in their first two years. These courses include:

  • THEO 1001: Foundations in Theology
  • PHIL 1001: Foundations in Philosophy
  • ENGL 1001: Foundations in Rhetoric
  • CORE 1929: Foundations in Methods of Inquiry (MOI)
  • Engaging Social Systems and Values (ESSV1) course


Discovery Tier (12 credits)

The Discovery Tier encourages students to discover the ways in which multiple disciplines approach a particular question, challenge, or problem. Beginning in their second year, students will choose a Discovery theme and take four courses within that theme. The requirements include:

  • 1 Humanities Discovery course
  • 1 Social Sciences Discovery course 
  • 1 Natural Science and Mathematical Reasoning Discovery course 
  • 1 Elective Discovery course

View Discovery Themes and Courses.

Culminating Course (3 credits)

The Culminating Course integrates all aspects of the MCC experience, emphasizing reflection and application of the knowledge and skills developed at the university. It consists of one course that students may take in their third or fourth year at the university: 

  • CORE 4929: Service of Faith and Promotion of Justice

Additional Requirements

In addition to the other requirements, students will also complete:

The ESSV2 and WRIT requirements may be completed via one of the four Discovery Tier courses or through other degree requirements.