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Congratulations to Dr. Bryan C. Rindfleisch of the Department of History, winner of the 2022 MCC Teaching Excellence Award!

The Marquette Core Curriculum Committee has recently approved new courses for the MCC. These courses will appear in the 2022-2023 Marquette University Undergraduate Bulletin. Students and advisor can use this list as they plan spring 2023 schedules.

The Engaging Social Systems and Values 2 requirement will be waived for all students who entered Marquette between the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2020.  This is not the ESSV1 course that is part of the Foundations tier, but the upper level course that most students were planning to take in the junior or senior years.  This will be reflected in Checkmarq; there’s nothing students or advisers need to do.

Marquette Today recently featured an article about the MCC called "Rooted in mission, new Core Curriculum better connects students to their studies, the world."

The Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) is the center of every Marquette University student’s educational experience. The learning outcomes of the Core are rooted in Jesuit perspective and values, and focus on creating students who communicate responsibly and ethically, engage the world as moral actors and citizens with purpose, collaborate with diverse others using a broad disciplinary focus, and become leaders in discovery to solve global problems. For more information about the goals of the Core Curriculum, visit the Learning Outcomes page.


Get Involved in the MCC!

The MCC Committee is now accepting proposals for new classes in the core. For more, visit the Core Proposals Page.

The Marquette Core Curriculum sponsors and co-sponsors events related to Core classes throughout the academic year. To see all of the upcoming events, check out the Core Events page.

All approved courses for ESSV1, ESSV2, Writing Intensive, and Discovery Themes can be found in the University Undergraduate BulletinFor a list of courses newly approved for the Marquette Core Curriculum, please visit the New Course Approved for MCC page.

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