College of Education Announces Advanced Degree Program

The College of Education announces a new Advanced Degree Program between its undergraduate Educational Studies program and Master of Arts in School Counseling program. This Advanced Degree Program (ADP) is for Educational Studies students interested in becoming school counselors. An ADP allows current Marquette University undergraduate students to continue on for a master's degree after completing their bachelor's degrees. ADP students take classes during their senior year that meet requirements for both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

With proper planning, most students can complete a master's degree in one additional academic year - saving significant time and money. Current sophomore, Hannah Jablonowski, is majoring in educational studies and psychology, and is excited about this new program. She said: "it's nice to know that I can move into a graduate program in school counseling that will allow me to graduate in five years instead of six. I'm excited to be able to stay at Marquette for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees!"

Interested in learning more? Contact Tina McNamara for more details!