Checklist of Student Responsibilities


1. Ask any MU English faculty member to serve as your faculty sponsor.

2. Find a writing internship.

3. Negotiate the terms of the internship with the company or non-profit organization on-site supervisor.

  • Be ready to describe the requirements of the Writing Internship class and the times that you are available to work.
  • Have your resume ready to send.
  • Have possible interview times ready.
  • Have a portfolio of writing samples ready to send or take to an interview.
  • Have two the names and contact information of two faculty references ready. (Ask faculty if you may use their names and provide their contact information.)

4. Fill out and sign two forms: (1) the contract form and (2) the waiver form.

5. Get your on-site supervisors signature on the contract form.

6. Get your faculty sponsors signature on the contract form.

7. Submit your forms (signed contract and waiver) to Wendy Walsh in the English office (Marquette Hall 115).

8. Once the forms are processed you will be emailed a permission number. At that point register for English 4986 on Checkmarq.

9. Complete the agreed-upon work for the internship.

10. Give punctual reports to your faculty sponsor

  • Week 1: Report that the internship is beginning well.
  • Midterm: Submit writing projects
  • Final: Submit
    • a portfolio of all notes, drafts and final written projects
    • a log of days and hours spent working on the internship projects
    • a journal (approximately 1/2 page single-spaced per week) reflecting on what the internship has taught you about writing (e.g., addressing audience issues, meeting deadlines, achieving a company ethos...)

11. Have the professional supervisor send your evaluation form to the faculty sponsor by Week 15.

12. If you have any questions or issues during the semester, contact your faculty sponsor, who serves as your advocate.