Graduate Program Overview

Our programs of study merge traditional and contemporary approaches to literary studies and concentrate on the history and criticism of American and English literature, while emphasizing essential aspects of scholarship, historical research, and literary theory. Our programs also offer practical and theoretical instruction in rhetoric and composition to students who hold teaching assistantships and teach in the First-Year English Program. The English Department offers two graduate degrees:

M.A. in English

  • M.A. in British, American and other Anglophone literatures

Ph.D. in English

  • Ph.D. in British, American and other Anglophone literatures

Graduate Program Highlights

At Marquette University, graduate studies in English offers both immediate and long-term rewards. While at Marquette, students will enjoy opportunities to:

  • Participate in lively classroom discussions.
  • Travel to conferences to present their views to colleagues.
  • Refine their own writing for publication in prestigious journals in their fields of interest.
  • Work with nationally and internationally renowned scholars.
  • Participate in graduate organizations such as the Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS) and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).
  • Obtain certification in a variety of pedagogical approaches through the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Master the department's Student Learning Outcomes.

Graduate Resources