Current Graduate Students

Meet some of our current M.A. and Ph.D. students and learn about their areas of interest.

AbujadIbtisam Abujad, PhD
Area of Interest/Study:
Transnational Cultural Studies, with a focus on migrancy, gender, race, and the burgeoning field of Critical Muslim Studies

No ImageMatthew Burchanoski, Ph.D.
Area of Interest/Study: 20th/21st Anglophone literature; critical theory

BurgessHolly Burgess, Ph.D.
Area of Interest/Study: African-American Literature, The Black Power/Arts Movements, Gender Studies and Queer Theory, Twentieth-Century American Literature, Black Feminist Theory, and Film Studies 

ClaphamDanielle Clapham, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Transatlantic modernism and nationalist studies 

DeiglmeierHunter Deiglmeier, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Long 19th Century British Literature with research interests in disability studies and gender studies 

DerksJackielee Derks, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Modernism and Postmodernism, Women's Literature, Poetry, Memoir, Feminist & Gender Theories, Cultural Studies, Pedagogy

No ImageWendy Fall, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Gothic literature, drama, fantasy and science fiction 

FrissellAlex Frissell, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Twentieth-century American Literature, Cultural Studies, Science Fiction, Gender Studies, Dystopias, Critical Theory, Composition and Rhetoric 

No ImageJessie Haynes, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Long 19th century British Literature, gender studies, Gothic novels and Gothic representations of maternity

KenneyDavid Kenney, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Irish Literature, 19th century British Literature, Gothic Novels, Shakespeare

No ImageMaggie Patchet, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: 20th and 21st Century American Literature, War Literature

No ImageMaxwell Patchet, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Late 19th and early 20th Century British Literature 

SimmererCatherine Simmerer, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: 19th and 20th century British literature; Catholic literature; war literature and trauma theory; narrative and chronology; disillusionment and nostalgia

SpauldingPeter Spaulding, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: English Renaissance, American Modernism, and the encyclopedic novel 

ThomasonJannea Thomason, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Gothic Literature, Medical Sciences in Literature, Motherhood Studies, Systems Literacy, Ecocriticism, Feminist Theory, SOTL studies

KellerEmily Workman Keller, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: British Romanticism, Gothic novels and chapbooks, the literature of British imperialism, and Britain's national identity 

ZastrowAmanda Zastrow, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: 
Late 19th/Early 20th century American literature with research interests in gender studies and place studies

ZirbelJason Zirbel, Ph.D.
Areas of Interest/Study: Early Modern British literature and politics; genre; and Shakespeare