Current Graduate Students

Meet some of our current M.A. and Ph.D. students and learn about their areas of interest.

BurgessHolly Burgess, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: 20th and 21st Century African American Literature, gender and LGBTQ+ studies, and film studies

Holly Burgess earned her M.A. in English at Marquette and returned to the Ph.D. program in 2018. Burgess's dissertation examines police brutality, revolutionary violence, and hip-hop from The Black Power Movement to The Black Lives Matter Movement. In 2021, She presented a paper on Sara and Tegan Quin's memoir High School at MMLA. Her poetry is published in Straylight Literary Arts Magazine and Marquette Literary Review. 


LandwerAyo Ibiyemi, Ph.D. candidate

Areas of Interest/Study: Postcolonialism, African Diaspora Fiction, Environmental Studies, and Indigenous Studies



LandwerNajma Ibrahim, Ph.D. candidate

Areas of Interest/Study: Somali Women Literature, African and American Diaspora Literature



SuarezJose Intriago-Suarez, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: Post Colonial 20th-century Anglophone literature and its humor, contemporary popular culture, Flann O’Brien, and critical theory



No ImageMaggie Patchet, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature, War Literature

Maggie is writing a dissertation on writings by female combatants in the Iraq War. She recently gave a conference presentation from this project at MMLA entitled “Repurposing Real Stories: The Function of the Frame in Helen Benedict's The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq.” In her time here, Maggi has served as an editorial assistant on Marquette’s Renascence journal.


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Kate Rose, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: 21st century digital cultures and communities, transformative works, reception and adaptation, object based learning, fan studies and fan creation, popular culture and media
Kate’s dissertation focuses on the kinds of things that fans create and the various ways they’re compensated for it. The foundation of her dissertation is an exhibition of both fine art and fanworks at Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art. More information about her exhibition, Affirmation/Transformation: Fandom Created, can be found at


SimmererJulia Salkind, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: Medieval literature studies with a focus on feminist and gender dynamics/studies and their intersection with power structures in medieval and early modern literature


SimmererFaith Shelton, MA candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: Creative Writing/Romantic Fiction


KellerEmily Workman Keller, Ph.D. candidate
Areas of Interest/Study: British Romanticism, Gothic novels and chapbooks, the literature of British imperialism, and Britain's national identity