Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Gerry  Canavan Dr. Gerry Canavan Associate Professor and Chair, English
gerry.canavan@marquette.edu (414) 288-6860
Dr. Elizabeth  Angeli Dr. Elizabeth Angeli Associate Professor, English
elizabeth.angeli@marquette.edu (414) 288-3466
Dr. Ronald  Bieganowski, S.J. Dr. Ronald Bieganowski, S.J. Adjunct Associate Professor, English
fr.bieganowski@marquette.edu (414) 288-1956
Professor Sebastian  Bitticks Professor Sebastian Bitticks Teaching Assistant Professor, English
sebastian.bitticks@marquette.edu (414) 288-3477
Dr. Amy  Blair Dr. Amy Blair Associate Professor, English
amy.blair@marquette.edu (414) 288-7284
Dr. John  Brick Dr. John Brick Teaching Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Cedric  Burrows Dr. Cedric Burrows Associate Professor, English
Dr. Lilly  Campbell Dr. Lilly Campbell Associate Professor, Director of Foundations Instruction, English
lillian.campbell@marquette.edu (414) 288-5266
Dr. John  Curran Dr. John Curran Professor, English
john.curran@mu.edu (414) 288-3462
Dr. Jackielee  Derks Dr. Jackielee Derks Teaching Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Jason  Farr Dr. Jason Farr Associate Professor, English
jason.farr@marquette.edu (414) 288-5630
Dr. Tyler  Farrell Dr. Tyler Farrell Teaching Assistant Professor, English
tyler.farrell@marquette.edu (414) 288-6861
Dr. Jenn  Fishman Dr. Jenn Fishman Associate Professor, English
jenn.fishman@marquette.edu (414) 288-3467
Dr. Leah  Flack Dr. Leah Flack Professor of English and Co-Drector of Institute for Women's Leadership
leah.flack@marquette.edu (414) 288-3316
Dr. Paul  Gagliardi Dr. Paul Gagliardi Teaching Assistant Professor, English
paul.gagliardi@marquette.edu (414) 288-3474
Dr. Melissa J. Ganz Dr. Melissa J. Ganz Associate Professor, English
melissa.ganz@marquette.edu (414) 288-3480
Dr. Tosin  Gbogi Dr. Tosin Gbogi Assistant Professor, English
tosin.gbogi@marquette.edu (414) 288-1546
Dr. Grant  Gosizk Dr. Grant Gosizk Teaching Assistant Professor, English
grant.gosizk@marquette.edu (414) 288-3410
 Jenna  Green Jenna Green Teaching Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of Foundations Instruction, English
jenna.green@marquette.edu (414) 288-3468
Dr. Steve  Hartman Keiser Dr. Steve Hartman Keiser Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, English
s.hartman.keiser@mu.edu (414) 288-3465
Dr. Heather  Hathaway Dr. Heather Hathaway Professor of English and Africana Studies
heather.hathaway@mu.edu (414) 288-3478
Dr. Elisa  Karbin Dr. Elisa Karbin Teaching Assistant Professor, English
elisa.karbin@marquette.edu (414) 288-0688
Dr. David  Kenney Dr. David Kenney Teaching Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Samantha  Majhor Dr. Samantha Majhor Assistant Professor, English
samantha.majhor@marquette.edu (414) 288-1549
Dr. Leslie  McAbee Dr. Leslie McAbee Teaching Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Jodi  Melamed Dr. Jodi Melamed Associate Professor, English
jodi.melamed@marquette.edu (414) 288-7612
Dr. Rebecca S. Nowacek Dr. Rebecca S. Nowacek Professor, English
rebecca.nowacek@mu.edu (414) 288-3590
 Megan  Paonessa Megan Paonessa Teaching Assistant Professor, English
megan.paonessa@marquette.edu (414) 288-3996
Dr. Ben  Pladek Dr. Ben Pladek Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor, English
brittany.pladek@marquette.edu (414) 288-1651
Dr. Albert J. Rivero Dr. Albert J. Rivero Louise Edna Goeden Professor of English
albert.rivero@marquette.edu (414) 288-3472
Dr. Jacob  Riyeff Dr. Jacob Riyeff Teaching Assistant Professor and Academic Integrity Director
jacob.riyeff@marquette.edu (414) 288-0211
Dr. Angela  Sorby Dr. Angela Sorby Professor, English
angela.sorby@marquette.edu (414) 288-7263
Ms. Sarah  Stanley Ms. Sarah Stanley Teaching Assistant Professor, English
sarah.stanley@marquette.edu (414) 288-6848
Dr. Elizaveta  Strakhov Dr. Elizaveta Strakhov Associate Professor, English
yelizaveta.strakhov@marquette.edu (414) 288-6865
Dr. John  Su Dr. John Su Vice Provost for Academic Affairs,
john.su@mu.edu (414) 288-3476
Dr. Sarah  Wadsworth Dr. Sarah Wadsworth Professor of English and Director of Marquette University Press
sarah.wadsworth@marquette.edu (414) 288-3479
Ms. Wendy  Walsh Ms. Wendy Walsh Administrative Assistant, English
wendy.walsh@marquette.edu (414) 288-7520
Dr. Katherine  Zlabek Dr. Katherine Zlabek Teaching Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Amelia  Zurcher Dr. Amelia Zurcher Associate Professor of English and Director, University Honors Program
amelia.zurcher@mu.edu (414) 288-3475

Faculty & Staff Directory


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