FAME Operating Guidelines

Article I: Name and relationship to Marquette University Offices

This organization shall be known as The Friends and Alumni/ae of Marquette English (“FAME”). FAME relates to both the English Department and the University Advancement. FAME functions according to its own Operating Guidelines as described herein and as approved by the Executive Committee and Chair of the English Department, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Article II: Purpose

FAME exists to coordinate activities related to fostering ongoing relationships among and between the following populations:

  • Marquette University English Majors, past and present

  • Marquette University English Faculty, past and present

  • Marquette University Advancement

  • Members of the surrounding community who nurture a love for reading and writing

Specifically, the goals of FAME are to bring these populations together for the purposes of strengthening ties to Marquette, enhancing the public image of the English Department, and raising funds for the English Department. To that end, FAME shall attempt to plan at least one event per semester.

Article III: FAME Committee Year

The FAME committee year shall run from August to May. The first meeting, in August, shall allow for FAME committee members to assume specific tasks as the academic year starts. The final meeting, in May, shall serve as an evaluation of the past year as well as a planning meeting for the upcoming year. New members for the FAME committee shall also be proposed at the May meeting (see Article IV).

Article IV: Membership

Section 1-Members FAME shall consist of nine (9) members, (4) four at-large members and five (5) ex officio members:

  • Two (2) alumni/ae or friends of Marquette English (at-large)
  • Two (2) current undergraduate English majors (at-large)
  • One (1) current English graduate student, a representative of AEGS (ex officio)
  • Two (2) faculty members, the current Goeden Professor and one other faculty member, one of whom shall serve as the faculty coordinator (ex officio)
  • The chair of the English Department (ex officio)
  • The director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences (ex officio)

Section 2-Terms for at-large membersThe terms for at-large members shall be (2) two years and shall be staggered to provide continuity to the committee. One alumnus/a and one current undergraduate shall serve the same two-year term while their counterparts shall serve a two-year term that begins and ends one year later.Section 3-Appointment of at-large membersAt-large members shall be appointed in May by the faculty coordinator of FAME in consultation with current board members.

Article V: Officers

Officers of the FAME committee shall be selected from among the four at-large members, and shall consist of the Chairperson and the Secretary. They shall be elected annually by the members of FAME. The office of Treasurer shall belong to the faculty coordinator.The Chairperson must be one of the two alumni/ae or friends and shall perform the following duties:

  • Call four (4) regular meetings per year;
  • Prepare the agenda (which shall include the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting) for each meeting, in consultation with the ex-officio members;
  • Facilitate discussion and decision-making;
  • Delegate tasks for FAME;
  • Oversee the performance of those tasks;
  • Help evaluate results of those tasks; and
  • Oversee the outreach to the community in communicating that FAME always welcomes the suggestions and perspectives of all friends of English. The Secretary shall perform the following duties:
  • Distribute the agenda at least one (1) week prior to each meeting;
  • Distribute a “task list” of action items generated at the meeting to members one (1) week after eachmeeting;
  • Record the minutes of each meeting and submit them to the members for approval at least one (1) week prior to each meeting;
  • Ensure the publication of the approved minutes on the English Department website;
  • Maintain all records of FAME and archive them in the English Department;
  • Conduct, receive, and dispose of all correspondence as directed.


Article VII: Finances

Donations and/or monies raised by FAME shall be deposited into the English Department FAME account, unless otherwise specified by a donor. Bill payment shall be authorized by the Chair of the English Department. Other expenditures as well as financial planning shall be done by the Treasurer in conjunction with the other FAME officers, the Chair of the English Department, and, when appropriate, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.