Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for the English Major:

Read contextually:

Understand how literary history, genres, and multiple contexts (historical, political, cultural, social, ideological) frame the production and interpretation of texts and the languages they are embedded in

Analyze critically:

by identifying culturally-dependent rhetorical tactics and by close reading, that is, a fine-grained analysis of how genre, form, and meanings interact

Argue effectively:

Find, evaluate, and use evidence to craft clear, compelling arguments that are grounded in texts and that consider and respond to the views of multiple others

Create reflectively:

Practice reflective, iterative processes of creative expression in a variety of genres

Engage empathetically:

the important conversations of our day as a responsible member of communities of thinkers, writers, and creatives who imagine and work for a more just world


  • Outcomes 1-4 are expectation outcomes for ongoing, external, evaluation.
  • Outcome 5 is an aspirational outcome for internal assessment on how we want to improve in the short term.