Meet Our Students: Manaal N.

Manaal N.Hometown: Mequon, Wisconsin

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Special admission programs: Pre-Dental Scholars

Expected graduation year: 2025

Activities/Involvement: Social media coordinator for A Moment of Magic, research at the Dental School in the Bedran-Russo lab, Muslim Student Association, Pre-Dental Organization 

Career goals: Practicing dentistry with a special focus on underserved populations like Milwaukee

Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I picked Marquette because my father is an alumni and I learned how amazing of a school it is. I specifically picked the College of Health Science due to the resources we get, like the opportunities to enter the gross anatomy lab as well as having a faculty advisor that knows how best to plan your career and cares about helping you get those results.

How did you pick your major/program? I was always taught to give back to my community and knew I wanted to get into healthcare. Through multiple experiences in Pakistan and Milwaukee that opened my eyes to the disparities in dental care, I quickly realized that dentistry was my way to help others. The pre-dental scholars program and the college of health sciences helps get me there in the best possible way. 

What is your favorite spot on campus? I'm biased, but the dental school.

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