Meet Our Students: Matt D.

Matt D.Hometown: Burbank, Illinois

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Expected Graduation Year: 2024

Activities/Involvement: Volunteer coordinator for Alpha Epsilon Delta, secretary for Biomedical Sciences Research Association, teaching assistant for Clinical Human Anatomy, undergraduate researcher studying circadian rhythms at the Evans Lab, and research intern studying pancreatic cancer at the Medical College of Wisconsin. 

Career Goals: My goal is to become a physician one day with the intent of potentially specializing in anesthesiology, oncology, or pulmonary-critical care medicine. After earning my medical license, I intend on pursuing a career in academia, where I plan to open a research lab of my own, help educate the new generation of physicians, and work diligently to help underserved populations living in the Midwest. 

Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? At Marquette’s College of Health Sciences, students have the opportunity to learn from some of the nation’s most distinguished experts in the fields of neuroscience, human anatomy, medical genetics, and many other disciplines. Additionally, the smaller class sizes at the College of Health Sciences allow for students to quite literally ‘streamline’ their way to success. CHS students have the opportunity to build meaningful connections with faculty, earn undergraduate research positions, and even study the complex physiology of the human body in Marquette’s Gross Anatomy Lab -- an opportunity often not available for undergraduates studying at other institutions.

How did you pick your major/program? I originally applied to Marquette as a different major, but I quickly realized that the College of Health Sciences provided an even greater exposure to both human anatomy and physiology. As a Biomedical Sciences major, foundational science courses such as biology and chemistry are viewed through a more clinical lens, allowing pre-health students to engage with the material at a deeper level. 

What is your favorite spot on campus? Easily the Raynor Library Bridge. I really enjoy the collaborative atmosphere and the easy access to coffee!

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