Graduate Learning Outcomes

  • M.A. Learning Outcomes
  • Ph.D. Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

Construct syntheses of factual and historiographical information in two distinct fields of history.

  • The measure used is the comprehensive examination—an eight-hour written examination, with six hours devoted to the student’s major field and two hours to a minor field

Learning Outcome 2

Use historical research tools and methods to write article-length papers on original, historical topics.

  • The measure used was the final M.A. Essay, usually a revised and expanded seminar paper evaluated by the faculty adviser with the DGS using the rubric developed by the graduate faculty

Learning Outcome 1

Comprehend the content, literature, and methodologies of four distinct fields of history.

  • The measure used was the Doctoral Qualifying Examination (DQE) in four fields—twelve hours of written exams and a three-hour oral exam

Learning Outcome 2

Complete a book-length work on an original historical topic.

  • The measure is a defense of dissertation that meets department and professional standards for research, argument, and writing

Learning Outcome 3

Demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English in order to do research in non-American, non-British topics (where appropriate).

  • A language exam dealing with translating sources is arranged by the doctoral candidate’s director in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies