Undergraduate Research

All history majors at Marquette conduct independent, primary research, not only in the Research Seminar required of all students before graduation, but also in a number of other courses.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Recent Senior Theses by History Majors

*Sam Anderson, "Herodotus and the Second Greco-Persian War: A Defense of Herodotus as a Military Historian"

Faculty Advisor: Jenn Finn

 *Alexis Garcia, “Finding the Place of Mexicans in World War II America: The Bracero and the Pachuco”

Faculty Advisors: Michael Donoghue, Kristen Foster and Sergio González

 *Yazmin Gomez, "Viva La Raza, Viva Las Latinas: Late 20th Century Female Activism in Milwaukee's Latinx Community"

Faculty Advisor: Sergio González

 *Brigid Nannenhorn, "The Devilish Angel: The Racialized Femininity of Creole Women in Early Nineteenth-Century New Orleans”

Faculty Advisor: Kristen Foster.

 *Eva Schons Rodrigues, “Gender and Warfare: The Echoes of Fulvia and Agrippina the Elder”

Faculty Advisor: Jenn Finn

 *Angela Scavone, “Marquette University: Navigating Student Safety in the 1970s Post-In Loco Parentis World”

Faculty Advisor: Kristen Foster                       

*Katherine Stein, “Legacies of Empire and Tides of Reform: The Perplexing Popularity of Charles Dickens in Nineteenth-Century Ireland”

Faculty Advisor: Timothy McMahon

 *Steven Wales, “The Sicilian Wars: Carthaginian Military Campaigns and Expeditions 480-306 BC”

Faculty Advisor: Jenn Finn                            

*Stephanie Wissing, "Spiritual Sisterhood: Beauty and Feminine Christian Spiritual Practices”

Faculty Advisor: Lezlie Knox

Recent Undergraduate Projects

Some students are able to work on Digital Humanities Projects in their classes or as interns. A few recent projects include:

The Material Turn in History

Latinx History of Wisconsin

From Dr. Lezlie Knox's "Black Death" Course

Intern Projects

Applied History Course Project