Special Classes

Dissertation Seminar (HIST 8960)

The dissertation seminar is designed to enable each student, with the advice and consent of his or her dissertation director, to explore potential dissertation topics. It must be arranged prior to registration with the dissertation director; although the chair of the department or the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) will be listed as the "instructor" of the class, all objectives, assignments, and evaluations will be completed by the dissertation director. 

Independent Study Courses (HIST 6995)

Independent study courses can be an integral part of your course of study, but should be taken only if no regular class in the proposed topic has been or is likely to be taught during a student's tenure at Marquette. Course topics and assignments are to be arranged with the appropriate faculty member and the DGS prior to registration; instructors must be full-time, tenure-line members of the department. 

Continuous Enrollment

All students serving as TAs, RAs, and Teaching Fellows, as well as those students receiving half-tuition scholarships, or Casper, Smith, Schmitt, or Raynor Fellowships, must be registered as full-time students. Any student who has already completed the necessary coursework for his or her M.A. or Ph.D. can register for Continuous Enrollment (at the less-than-half-time, half-time, or full-time levels). The first step is to fill out the "Graduate School Continuous Enrollment Registration Form," available in the history office; the second step is to have the DGS fill out the bottom half and sign the form and assign you a "permission number." The final step is to register for the appropriate number of credits via Checkmarq.