Undergraduate Research: Latinx History of Wisconsin

Latinx History of Wisconsin
St. Anthony High School Collaboration
HIST 4120: Immigration to the United States

Students in Alison Efford’s immigration history class collaborated with students from St. Anthony High School to produce websites on specific aspects of the Latinx experience in Wisconsin. The high schoolers visited campus five times during the semester and helped choose topics, analyze sources, and present material in a form that might interest the Latinx community today. The Marquette students’ responsibility was to guide the high school seniors through the project, find and analyze primary (first-hand) and secondary (second-hand or scholarly) sources, complete the website, and write a reflection on the experience at the end of the semester.

Student Websites

The students presented their research and websites to the Marquette community at the end of the semester. Among the websites were:

Language Barriers in Wisconsin’s Education System
Soibhan Colleran 
Amelia Ruffolo 
Jack Wernecke

Latinx Community in Wisconsin
Anne Nyberg 
Ricardo Fernandez 
Michael Konz 
Alex Tindall 

Latina Educational Reform
Katherine Stein 
Mo Maher 
Andrew Himmelberg

Latinx Murals in Milwaukee
Mary Kate Jezuit 
Dolores Ehrhardt 
Tim Nass

Latinx Education: Wisconsin
and Beyond
Katarina Fischer 
Logan James 
Lewis Bensett 

Latinx Catholics in Milwaukee
Elli Frysztak 
Jimmy Carlton
Brendan Igoe 

Websites Unveiling

Students from St. Anthony High School visited campus to share their websites, in collaboration with students from Dr. Efford's class, to Marquette faculty.

Efford student websites