Elementary and intermediate level language courses are offered in Chinese, as well as courses taught in English about culture, civilization and literature. Literature and Civilization classes offered every semester.

2023 Marquette University STARTALK Chinese Summer camp

Program Information

  • Asian Studies minor
  • Introductory Chinese Languages and Cultures Concentration
  • Chinese Courses
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Asian Studies minor with a focus in China or Chinese Studies:

The minor consists of 6 courses (18-20 credit hours): a required introductory History course (3 credit hours) and five courses (15-17 credit hours) to be chosen from the elective courses listed below. A maximum of two language courses * (6-8 credit hours) may be counted toward the Asian Studies minor.

CHNS 1001 Elementary Chinese 1 (4 credits)

CHNS 1002 Elementary Chinese 2 (4 credits)

CHNS 2001 Intermediate Chinese 1 (3 credits)

CHNS 2002 Intermediate Chinese 2 (3 credits)

CHNS 3200 Chinese Culture and Civilization (3 credits)

CHNS 3210 Chinese Literature in English Translation (3 credits)

CHNS 3215 Chinese Cuisine and Culture (ESSV2)

CHNS 3230 Chinawood: Chinese Film and Culture

CHNS 3300 Chinese Society: Speaking and Reading Skills

CHNS 3700 Chinese Business Culture

CHNS/LLAC 4931: Chinese related courses, Chinese Film Studies, etc. 

For Chinese courses and descriptions please visit the Marquette Undergraduate Bulletin.

Additional Information

For more information on Chinese courses and an extensive course work guide to the Asian Studies minor with a focus in China or Chinese Studies, please visit the Marquette Undergraduate Bulletin.