Welcome to the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLAC) at Marquette University! 

  • We offer courses in American Sign Language, Arabic, Classical Greek, French, German, Italian, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish through which students can meet the foreign language curriculum requirement in Arts and Sciences and other colleges. Learn more

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Startalk Chinese Summer Camp 2024:

Learn Chinese language and culture, take virtual trips to China, create culturally relevant websites, explore the uses of Natural Language Processing, and tour Marquette Visualization Lab (MarVL lab) and Haggerty Museum of Art. This Summer Camp is Tuition FREE and funded by National Security Agency. Camp runs from June 10-28th, 2024, M-F, from 8am-12pm. Apply now, we still have a few seats available.

Learn about our summer 2024 study abroad opportunity to Buenos Aires! Click here for information

The Future is Now

By learning languages, literatures, and cultures, you will:

    • Empower yourself, expand your community, explore the world.
    • Consider how identities are forged and negotiated through language & representation.
    • Analyze how societies create otherness to reflect their own values.
    • Examine power structures to question them.
    • Uncover linguistic and cultural hierarchies to promote justice.
    • Challenge class, gender, and racial inequities to foster inclusivity.

Why Languages? We Respond

In this video, LLAC Faculty explain why studying languages is important and necessary.

Learn about Middle East and North Africa Studies (MENA), our newest major/minor program!

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Congratulations to Dr. Enaya Othman (Arabic) who won a Fulbright Scholar Award to research women’s use of traditional dress — thob — in the Middle East.
Othman will conduct archival and onsite research in Palestinian Territories and Jordan to explore the forces working on women’s dress choices, including the dualities of regional cultures along with nationalization projects, cultural authenticity within a frame of modernity/hybridity, and local technologies employed in globalized economy.


Congratulations to Dr. Dinorah Cortés-Vélez for being promoted to Full Professor of Spanish

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Medeiros for being promoted to Associate Professor of Spanish with Tenure

Congratulations to Dr. Giorgana Poggioli-Kaftan for being promoted to Teaching Associate Professor of Italian

Congratulations for Ms. Ana Escudero for being promoted to Teaching Assistant Professor

Congratulations for Ms. Teresa Krejcarek for being promoted to Teaching Assistant Professor

Congratulations for Ms. LK Pinhancos for being promoted to Teaching Assistant Professor

The Department is fortunate to have you on board. Thank you to all students and faculty member who contributed letters for the dossiers.

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Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J., in memoriam

Drs. Stephen Beall and Dinorah Cortés-Vélez sharing their memories and poetry as the University is mourning the loss of Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J.

Congratulations to Dr. Sergio Gonzalez for being named the UMOS 2022 Hispanic Man of the Year!

Congratulations to Dr. Barry Velleman, Professor of Spanish (Emeritus), who has coathored with Karina Belletti (Pehuajó, Argentina) a study on the Argentine writer, teacher, actress, feminist (etc.) Juana Manso (1819-1875). The article appeared in Cuarenta naipes (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina), and is also on the Juana Manso webpage. We think the piece may be of interest to students of Latin American culture and world feminism, nineteenth-century. It refers to a fascinating, bizarre pro-feminist, pro-republican novel called Dolores (New York and Montevideo, 1846) by the Danish-German writer and revolutionary, Paul Harro Harring (1798-1870). The protagonist of the novel was based on the figure of Juana herself.

Congratulations to Dr. Tara Daly, who was interviewed by Radio San Gabriel in El Alto, Bolivia. Radio San Gabriel was started in 1955 and has a long history of broadcasting in the Aymara indigenous language, both for educational and political purposes. Don Clemente Mamani, who runs a weekly program on Aymara culture, interviewed Dr. Daly and an Aymara colleague, Doña Rosemery, about literature, oral traditions, and collective authorship. 

Congrats to Dr. Sergio González, whose new edited collection just came out from NYU Press: Faith and Power Latino Religious Politics Since 1945 Edited by Felipe Hinojosa, Maggie Elmore and Sergio M. González https://nyupress.org/9781479804528/faith-and-power/

Dr. Tara Daly was awarded the National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend and the American Philosophical Society Franklin Research Grant for her project, Back to the Future: Bartolina Sisa (d. 1782) and Living Indigenous Archives in Modern Day Bolivia. 

Congratulations to Dr. Eugenia Afinoguenova for receiving the 2022 Lawrence G. Haggerty Faculty Award for Excellence in Research--the University's highest research recognition. Dr. Afinoguénova is only the third woman and one of the very few humanists receiving this award at Marquette. https://www.marquette.edu/innovation/haggerty-research-excellence-award.php 

Dr. Scott Dale was invited to participate in the Center for the Advancement of the Humanities Showcasing the Humanities lecture series which aims to present the work of humanities experts from Marquette University. Dr. Dale’s lecture was entitled “The Innovative Spanish Enlightenment” and centered on promoting the understanding of the innovative literary and cultural contributions of 18th-century Spain.