Program Goals

The Classics Major provides a rigorous introduction to the languages and cultures of Greco-Roman Antiquity. It lays the foundations of the classical and Christian humanism that has characterized Jesuit education at its best.

The program is designed to help students achieve:

  • the ability to read Greek and/or Latin texts
  • familiarity with classical literature, history, and art
  • a broader and deeper understanding of cultural practices around the world
  • increased mastery of the liberal arts of thinking and communication
  • the moral and intellectual freedom to choose one's path in life

Program Information

  • Concentrations Offered
  • Minors
  • Classics Courses (Classics, Greek and Latin)
  • Faculty

Three distinct concentrations offered:

  • Classical Languages

  • Classical Languages for Education Majors

  • Classical Studies

  • Classical Languages

  • Classical Studies

Additional Information

For more information on Classics courses and an extensive course work guide to the Classics program, please visit the Marquette Undergraduate Bulletin.