MARQCAT Z39.50 Settings

Bibliographic citation management programs such as BookWhere Online, EndNote, Reference Manager, and others allow searching of library catalogs using the Z39.50 protocol. Using this protocol users can create bibliographies from multiple sources (catalog vendors) into one format selected by the user. While these citation management programs allow Z39.50 searching it does not mean every library catalog is searchable using the Z39.50 protocol. Local access policies, budgets, and other factors determine whether Z39.50 server software is available on any given library catalog.

While other citation management programs exist, the MARQCAT settings found in the EndNote instructions will be the same for other programs.

Most bibliographic citation management programs have settings built in for numerous sites and allow users to add specific sites. Z39.50 settings are based on the library catalog vendor's software. MARQCAT's underlying software is INNOPAC licensed by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Assuming a Z39.50 interface is available, other INNOPAC catalogs will use the same settings as MARQCAT. The standard search fields are Author, Title, Subject, and Keyword (or Words). Other fields may be searchable in some catalogs.

To find out more about the Z39.50 protocol consult the following source: