Remote Computer Access

Raynor Memorial Libraries' remote computer access service allows use of the library's computers and software from home. Students, faculty, and staff with a current Marquette ID can securely connect their own computers to the library's and thereby use any of the software available on the library's machines. Setup is a simple two step process involving connecting to Marquette's VPN and installing the library's remote connection app. With those two elements in place, you can select a library computer that has the software you need and securely connect your own computer to it. 

How to Connect to a Remote Library Computer

Step 1. Connect to the VPN (if you are off campus)

You must first connect to the Marquette University Virtual Private Network (VPN) before you will be able to gain remote access to a library computer. If you are on campus and using the campus internet, you will not need to connect to the VPN.

Instructions to Download & Connect to VPN

Step 2. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on your device

Microsoft Remote Desktop is included with most versions of Windows. No additional software is required. If Microsoft Remote Desktop is not on your Windows PC, you can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store.

Download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Google Play Store.

Step 3. Connect to a Library Computer


  1. Select an available computer using the button above.
  2. Next, click the Connect button. Click the Download button on the connect window that appears.
  3. Open the file once it has finished downloading. You may be prompted with a security warning. Click Continue.
  4. When asked for your credentials, type in your MU email address ( and password.

Step 4. Log Off & Disconnect from VPN

When you are done with the remote computer, go to the start menu and sign out. DO NOT shutdown the computer. If you are using the VPN to connect through an off-campus connection, please disconnect the VPN once you are finished. 

On-Campus Library Computer Availability

If you wish to work on campus, you can check the availability of on campus library computers here.