Library Classroom Reservation Request

Raynor Library has two classrooms that faculty and staff may reserve for occasional use. Students may not request reservations. Requests will be reviewed by the Library's Research, Teaching, and Learning Department.

Completion of this form does not guarantee a reservation.

Please contact us at least one week prior to the desired reservation date.

General availability:

Library programming takes priority. Thereafter, requests will be considered on the basis of availability and appropriate use of classrooms.

Who can make reservations?

NON-MARQUETTE ATTENDEES — Access Restrictions may apply:

Events including non-Marquette persons will also need approval from the library's Access Services Department prior to securing a reservation. To simplify the process, please include information about non-Marquette attendees in the form below.  This information will be shared with Access Services for approval.

Available Classrooms:

There are two options:
1) Room 245, a 30-seat classroom
2) Room 227, a 20-seat computer lab

Black-out periods:

Classroom reservations are not accepted during the last two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Hours will be limited during breaks.

Specialized software:

No additional software may be installed on the PCs in the classrooms. PCs are equipped with standard software. A complete list can be found here

Classroom Request Form