Research Consultations

What is a research consultation?

It’s an appointment you set up with a research librarian when:

  • You need in-depth help with a research project
  • You need instruction on how to use a specific database or research source
  • You want an introduction to research tools here at Marquette
  • You want a ‘refresher course’ on library research

Can I meet with a librarian remotely?

Absolutely! We’ll send you an appointment request to meet in Microsoft Teams. You will click on the link in the invite to join the meeting on the appropriate day and time. Teams is great for sharing screens but if you require an alternate “meeting” space like a phone call or email, just let your librarian know. We’re happy to accommodate your needs.

Are consultations available for the Digital Scholarship Lab?

Yes. For research consultations with the Digital Scholarship Lab, please visit:

Who can sign up?

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni - everyone in the Marquette community!

How do I set up a research consultation?

Please fill out the web form below. If you have other questions, please email us at or use our chat box on our homepage.

Sign up for a research consultation

All English 1001 & 1002 Questions:
Please contact your class Librarian through the D2L Classlist