Information for Musicians

graphic for the Music on the Bridge program

Thanks for your interest in performing in the Music on the Bridge live performance series in Raynor Memorial Libraries. Below find some important information about the performance space, timings, and more.

  • Because the performance space is small and is in the library, we’re looking for individuals or groups of about 3 or fewer, with no drum sets or other big musical setups.
  • Any music style is welcome.
  • Performances can be acoustic or amplified (see equipment below).
  • If amplified, volume should be kept moderate in consideration of people using library spaces outside the Bridge.
Equipment Available
  • 12-channel Mackie mixer: 4 mic/line inputs
  • Two mics and two stands
  • Twin 10 inch amplified speakers
  • The performance space will be in the Brew @ the Bridge, in the northeast nook with the flat-panel TV.
  • Furniture normally in that space will be removed 1 hour before the performance.
  • The performance space is approximately 14' wide x 12’ deep.
  • Performances should start at approximately noon on the day of performance.
  • Setup should happen prior to the event; the space will be clear by around 11 a.m. on the day of performance.
  • Sets should be an hour or less.

Contact the performance coordinator, Elisa Coghlan, at or (414) 288-7068.

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