Digital Scholarship Services Expanding

August 2016 — Digital Scholarship Services Expanding
Raynor Memorial Libraries’ digital scholarship services transform the way faculty and students create and share knowledge by helping them explore new digital tools and methodologies. These services leverage in-house information resources and technologies and library expertise to forge new interdisciplinary connections and accelerate inquiry, discovery, and learning. Among the digital tools we help support are digitization, data visualization, digital mapping, social media, web development, simulation, and data management.

Digital Scholarship Lab
In our new Digital Scholarship Lab, staff are on hand to consult with faculty on incorporating digital tools and methods into both their scholarship and the classroom. The lab space also gives students a dedicated environment for experimenting, collaborating, and creating in digital video, graphics, web publishing, and other media.

Overview of services:

  • Consulting (digital scholarship, digital pedagogy, digital tools)
  • Equipment loans (cameras, microphones, video cameras, Go Pros, etc.)
  • Software (Macs loaded with Adobe Creative Cloud (25+ programs), Final Cut Pro, etc.)
  • Studio (dedicated room for multimedia creation and editing)
  • Poster and other large-format printing

Digital Publishing
Our digital publishing infrastructure and expertise increase the impact of Marquette research in an increasingly collaborative and data-enriched scholarly environment. Our open-access repository hosts faculty research materials and data provide easy discovery and permanent, stable access around the globe. Our staff are also available to help scholars explore new and emerging publishing options, data management, copyright, and alternative impact metrics.

Overview of services:

  • Institutional repository (search-engine friendly, open-access research repository)
  • Consulting (open access publishing, data management, copyright, impact metrics)
  • Academic social networking support (Marquette-branded scholar profile pages)