Statistical Science Major

Statistics is the science of data with a principled foundation in mathematics that has applications in many fields such as social sciences, engineering, business, biomedical sciences, and economics. The current Statistical Science (STSC) major provides a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistical Science, offered by the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. This program includes the study of probability and statistical theory, along with the prerequisite foundational mathematics, especially calculus and linear algebra, and computational tools with applications to practical real-world problems. Students will receive training in statistical reasoning, computing, analysis of statistical studies, exploration of unstructured data, and development of the necessary skills for collaboration and teamwork.

The undergraduate curriculum in STSC produces graduates who are uniquely positioned for careers in combination with skills that are not exclusively mathematical. The goal is to equip students with quantitative skills that they can employ and build on in flexible ways. Some students will plan graduate work in statistics or other fields, while others will seek immediate employment after degree completion.

Such careers vary greatly depending upon individual interests but tend to involve the development and application of statistical models that can test theories and predict future actions in the real world. For example, a graduate working with a medical research team may develop models based on theories related to certain diseases and immunizations and use these models to predict the long-term effects of a particular immunization program. Other graduates might find themselves involved in financial institutions, banks, or credit unions. Still, others find careers in pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, or Silicon Valley type technology companies. Indeed, the list seems endless with opportunities in both large and small corporations, which can in fact, lead to the creation of a graduate's own consulting business.

Natural connections exist between the STSC major and current MSSC graduate programs. This allows the possibility of several different within department 5-year BS/MS accelerated degree programs; for example, a BS in Statistical Science and MS in Applied Statistics, or a BS in Statistical Science and MS in Computational Mathematical and Statistical Sciences. With the commercial sector’s need for data talent, the STSC major is a prime candidate for the STEM BS/MBA accelerated degree program.