Why Major in Mathematics?

There are many employers that look to hire mathematics majors, since mathematics majors are known for their step-by-step problem-solving skills and their critical thinking skills. A small selection of non-teaching jobs that a mathematics major might pursue include: actuary, budget analyst, market research analyst, technical writer, operations research analyst, statistician, cryptologist, investment analyst, inventory strategist, and computer scientist. In fact, many companies with open positions that have the word "analyst" in the title would love to hire a mathematics major due to their strong analytical skills. You can find out more about all of our degree programs in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences brochure. To see many more possibilities, browse the links below.

Here at Marquette, if you are looking for a non-teaching job, we highly encourage you to take classes in business/economics/accounting to go with your mathematics major. We have a set of recommendations for students interested in actuarial science. Another fantastic opportunity is the 5-year combined BS/MBA program.

Other things that we would suggest to prepare you for a non-teaching career:

  • Develop the ability to code
  • Take probability and statistics, and possibly more statistics courses
  • Develop the ability to learn new mathematics regularly
  • Develop the ability to describe what you’re doing to those around you
  • Learn a wide variety of things; for example, you’ll need to know chemistry to be involved in the pharmaceutical industry