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Welcome to the homepage for the Office of Statistical Consulting and Training (OSCT) at Marquette University. OSCT provides statistical consulting to all students, staff and faculty at Marquette University, and outside clients.

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The Office of Statistical Consulting and Training (OSCT) would provide complete statistical services and statistical expertise to the students, industrial community, and the researchers of non-statistical fields. Its main purpose will be to broaden the collaboration between the statistical and non-statistical researchers, and to create a statistical hub for researchers who need services for data analysis and who may seek expert opinion on modern statistical analysis tools. For the statistical services, the center will work with the clients on design of experiments, perform statistical analyses once the data is collected, and produce reports interpreting the statistical results. In addition, it will conduct lecture series on cutting edge statistical tools for the private sectors and for the students and faculty members of the Marquette University.

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Consulting application

How do I make an appointment?

  1. Submit the Online application, or the PDF application via email or in person.
    • A completed consulting application is required before an appointment can be scheduled. This form is used in matching the client’s needs with the proper statistical expert in order to ensure best possible services.
  2. OSTC will review the completed application. Following review of application: investigator will be contacted to set up an initial meeting, then investigator will be able to discuss their project with a M.S. and Ph.D. statistician.
  3. You will be contacted to schedule an initial meeting.
    • Please note if the investigator is a student, his/her faculty advisor must be present at the initial consultation session.

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Additional Information

If you have any question or seek additional information, please contact us via email.