REVEREND FRANCIS C. WADE Chair For Academic year 2018-2019


Rev. Jayme Stayer, S.J.

Rev. Tomás García Huidobro, S.J.

Tomás García Huidobro, a Jesuit priest, was born in Santiago of Chile in 1971. He studied theology at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, the Boston College School of Theology, and at the University of Deusto. Doctor in Biblical Theology, his academic interests revolve around the Jewish roots of early Christian mysticism. To understand the emergence of Christianity it is essential to drink from Jewish sources, especially those that relate to religious experiences that were shaping the Christian identity. From there he has deepened in topics such as the Temple of Jerusalem, the High Priesthood, the early Adamic theology, the resurrection as a transformation of the believer, etc. The sources that occupy in their investigations are mainly the Fourth Gospel, the Pauline Letters and the Letter to the Hebrews, besides use of the Jewish and Christian apocryphal, the gnostic literature, the rabbinic literature and the Hejalot.

After serving as a New Testament professor at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, he was sent to work in Russia where he was Rector of the Propaedeutic Seminary and director of the Iñigo Library and Cultural Center in Novosibirsk and as Director of the Saint Thomas Institute and of the Symbol magazine in Moscow. His first encounter with the Russian world, however, came much earlier, during the years of his preparation for the priesthood, when he was sent to study the language and Russian culture from 1999 to 2001. The universality of the Society of Jesus has led him to enter into the dialogue between Zen Buddhism and Christianity in Japan where he meditated under the supervision of the Jesuit Kakichi Kadowaki.  All these experiences have confirmed the first intuition: the importance of religious experiences to understand the radicality of Christianity.

Among his books are Experiencias religiosas y conflictos en el cuarto evangelio [Religious Experiences and Conflicts in the Fourth Gospel],Verbo Divino (Asociación Bíblica Española), Estella, 2012, España;La Carta a los Hebreos, Una visión desde las teologías del Templo [The Letter to the Hebrews, A Vision from the Theologies of the Temple],Sígueme (Biblioteca Estudios Bíblicos), Salamanca, 2013, España.Las experiencias religiosas y el templo de Jerusalén [The Religious Experiences and the Temple of Jerusalem],Verbo Divino (Estudios Bíblicos), Estella, 2015, España.Elregresoal Jardín del Edéncomosímbolo de Salvación [The return to the Garden of Eden as a symbol of Salvation],Verbo Divino, Estella, 2017, España.T. García Huidobro and A.Orlov (Eds), Небесныепосредники: Иудейскиеистоки раннейхристологии, [Heavenly Intermediaries: Jewish Roots on Early Christology], Библиотека журнала Симбол,Москва, [Library Journal Symbol, Moscow, ],2016, Russia.T. García Huidobro and A. Orlov (Eds), Небесныйхрамвраннемиудаизме ихристианстве [The Celestial Temple in the primitive Judaism and Christianity], Библиотека журнала Симбол, Москва, [Library Journal Symbol, Moscow], 2018.