WADE CHAIR LECTURE, Thursday, November 14, 4pm, Beaumier Suites


Reverend Dr. P.T. Joseph, SJ

Rev. Joseph Puliparambil, S.J.

Fr. Joseph Puliparambil, S.J. (or P.T. Joseph) received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Marquette University in 1992. His thesis title was "Panoramic Holographic interferometry and three dimensional imaging," and the work was funded by a NASA scholarship. He received his M.B.A. from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia in 1987, and the M.Th, JDV from Pune, India, in 1985.

P.T. Joseph received his M.Sc. (in Physics) from Madras University, India, in 1981. SInce 2017, he has been the Director of the Amaljyothi Engineering College at Kanjirapally in India. Since 2014, he has also been Director of Marian International Institute of Management, Kuttikanam, India. P.T. Joseph teaches courses in various topics in computer engineering and science such as Electronic Commerce, Data Analytics, Informations Systems programming languages, Expert Systems, and Computer Communication Systems.

In addition to his scholarly work in computer engineering, he has authored seven books, most recently on leadership as well as e-commerce. For his book titled "EQ and Leadership," published by Tata McGraw Hill, he has been awarded the best book award for the year 2007 by Delhi Management Association. He has also been awarded the best book award for the year 2007 by Indian Society of Training and Development for the same book mentioned above. P.T. Joseph will be teaching Artificial Intelligence for the Computer Engineering program this fall. He will also be presenting at the EECE Colloquium on the topic of leadership.