It has been a tradition at Marquette University to honor full-time faculty members each year, who are recognized by students and colleagues alike as extraordinary teachers, with the Marquette Awards for Teaching Excellence. These awards are supported by grants from the Robert and Mary Gettel Fund, the Stearns Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Haggerty.

Each award citation reads in part: “In recognition of demonstrated ability to inspire students to see the ideals of the University and to cause them to grow in knowledge and scholarship for the glory of God and the good of others.”

Marquette University is blessed with many excellent teachers. Please take a few moments to review the award criteria and then submit the names of one to three full-time faculty members from any college, school or program whom you think merit this award. Please note that past recipients of the Teaching Excellence Awards are not eligible for nomination. The list of previous recipients is provided at the following link: Past Teaching Excellence Award Recipients.

Full-time faculty and presidents of MUSG, GSO and registered student organizations and academic honor societies are eligible to nominate.

A link to the electronic ballot is provided at the bottom of this page.

Nominations are due Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

The General Criteria for the Teaching Excellence Awards

Evidence of commitment to a student-centered concern for individual student growth, development, and welfare that positively impacts Marquette students.

  • Motivates students to go beyond the expected learning in the discipline;
  • Inspires students to excel and take initiative for their own learning;
  • Engages in mentoring and advising that assists students to develop educationally and personally; and
  • Extends the learning process beyond the classroom.

Evidence of effective teaching and student learning.

  • Receives strong teaching evaluations by students;
  • Demonstrates creativity in curriculum design or innovations in the delivery of instruction;
  • Regarded by peers as an excellent teacher including peer reviews of teaching, if available;
  • Draws on current literature, one’s own research, scholarship of teaching and learning or service to engage students;
  • Engages students in collaborative and active learning;
  • Skilled in the use of a variety of learning measures appropriate for discipline;
  • Designs and teaches courses with clear learning outcomes and methods of student learning assessment.

Selection of Awards

After nomination ballots are received the following steps are followed to identify the award winners.

  1. The names of approximately ten full-time faculty members who receive the most nominations will be forwarded to their deans and each faculty member will be notified. The Dean or her/his delegate will then prepare a dossier on the candidate. 
  2. The Committee on Teaching faculty and student members will independently review the dossiers and rank the nominees. The recommended award winners will be determined from these rankings.
  3. Upon the recommendation of the Provost and the approval of the President, the awards will be presented at the Pere Marquette Dinner.

Thank you for your participation in honoring our excellent faculty.