Ordinarily, the holder of the Wade Chair will be a member of the Society of Jesus and be eligible for appointment to the Marquette University faculty at senior rank. He will have demonstrated excellence as both a teacher and a scholar.

Terms of appointment

The Jesuit holder of the Wade Chair must be willing to become a member of the Jesuit community at Marquette University and therefore subject to the contractual arrangements between that corporation and Marquette University. Appointments to the Wade Chair may be for either one or two semesters.

It is expected that the Wade Chair will teach one to two courses per semester, conduct research in his field of study, engage in publication of his research, deliver one to two public lectures while he is at Marquette, and participate as appropriate in the activities of his department and college. The chair will be given office space and a computer in his home department at Marquette. Funds will be made available to the chair for a graduate student assistant, for office and research expenses, and for moving expenses to Milwaukee.