The Rev. Francis C. Wade, S.J., Chair Committee is charged with seeking individuals to fill the Wade Chair. The committee seeks the names of suitable candidates from all available sources and in consultation with the deans and department chairs of the university. The committee makes recommendations to the provost, who invites the recipient to accept the chair.

2018–19 committee members:

  • Dr. Lowell Barrington, Associate Professor, Department of Political Sciences
  • Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez , Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Rev. Nicholas Santos, S.J., Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Rev. Thomas Schwarz, S.J., Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
  • Rev. John Thiede, S.J., Assistant Professor, Department of Theology

Ex-officio members:

  • Rev. Joseph G. Mueller, S.J., (Chair), Rector, Jesuit Community
  • Dr. Douglas Woods, Dean of the Graduate School
  • Debra Reeder, Executive Assistant to the Provost (Program Coordinator)