Documents and Forms

Following are a number of documents that you may find useful for your apartment tenancy:

Apartment Condition Report    (PDF version for general use)

  • Upon moving into an apartment, residents should always carefully itemize the cleanliness and condition of all rooms, furnishings, appliances, flooring, etc.  Take pictures as well!  This form can be used for any apartment, but a landlord may complete this assessment for you.  It is then up to you as the resident to verify the information, sign the form, and provide a copy to your landlord.  This serves as an official record of the condition of your apartment at move in.  When you move out at the end of your lease, you may be responsible for damages or cleaning issues that are otherwise not reflected on your initial Apartment Condition Report.  Remember, it is the tenant's responsibility to leave the apartment in the condition in which they received it.

Deposit Refund Request

  • We ask that students complete this form in our office.  If students are unable to do so, a copy can be downloaded here; completed forms must be physically delivered/mailed to our office.  Please see the Deposits page for more information.

Housing Checklist

  • As you search for apartments, it is a good idea to consider all factors that may affect your tenancy and lease.  This checklist will help you compare potential properties on factors such as fees/costs (other than rent), amenities, utilities, etc.


Blank lease copies are always available online for you to review.

If you need a copy of your individual lease, one can be downloaded through the Campus Living website (through Checkmarq) at the time of lease signing.  We encourage students to save a copy when they complete their lease signing.

2024-2025 Leases

2024-2025 Campus Town / Gilman / Frenn / McCabe Lease

2024-2025 Marq Lease

2023-2024 Leases

2023-2024 Campus Town / Gilman / Frenn / McCabe Lease

2023-2024 Marq Lease